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Public Relations


We start with a story in our own backyard and then ripple it out across the region and eventually the Nation. It is like a rock falling in to a pond and watching the ripples reach out all the way the to shore…It is an elegant way of getting your story told, building a foundation to grow your marketing campaign from trusted and respected third party sources…It is the best validation and the beginning of a systematic word of mouth referral program! We have orchestrated publicity allowing our clients to appear on the Today Show, Good Morning America, the New York Times, Time Magazine, CNN, Inside Edition and almost every local venue you can imagine, whether it be radio, TV or print. Simply great ROI!


Case Study








CLIENT:  Coughco, Inc.

PRODUCT: Cough Pops




  • 50 newspaper articles on Coughpops in the product’s first year of distribution

  • 70 television and radio interviews on Coughpops in the product’s first year of distribution

  • Coughpops now in their 5th year of national distribution, including major outlets such as CVS, Walgreens and Target



Taking a new product and finding a place in the market is never easy, especially when going up against industry giants. The launching of the Coughpops™ product necessitated just that, forcing Razor Marketing to take an aggressive approach that overcame an advertising budget that was one-sixth of that used by the so-called “monsters” of the pharmaceutical industry.


Coughpops™ takes the idea of suckers, and infuses the nutriceutrical necessary to treat the symptoms of coughs and colds. The product was promoted through highly creative radio spots, aggressive public relations and other grass-roots strategies aimed at the caregiver, creating loyalty and also establishing a referral network on both a local and national scale.


Through efficient usage of the allotted budget and resources, Razor Marketing developed a strategy that used a superior product as the driving engine behind the campaign. A highly aggressive approach focused on specific local and national media, both general and industry, with excellent results.

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