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We are an ardent believer in creative, timely and accurate images provided in the correct media form. Whether you require an entire branding campaign, or a fresh idea, we are capable and willing to assist you in those efforts.

That is the Razor Limited guarantee.



Case Study








CLIENT: Metro Lexus



  • Sales increased by 14% in 2002 despite a 10% reduction in the advertising budget for Metro Lexus.

  • First television commercial was shot on high-definition digital video, with a second commercial set to be filmed for an August 2003 sales event.



Shrinking advertising budget – three words to make any advertising professional cringe – but this was exactly the promise made by Razor Marketing on the Metro Lexus account in 2002. Razor Marketing made the promise to Metro Lexus that sales would be increased with a reduced advertising budget. The challenge boiled down to creating a great campaign, including a television spot, for a modest advertising budget that was less than what Metro Lexus had previously used.


Razor Marketing entered the scene and welcomed the challenge of taking that modest advertising budget, creating a well-crafted commercial and using it to increase sales for Metro Lexus.



A highly creative, well-planned and innovative marketing approach was used for this campaign, with a streamlined strategy that included none of the excess that is common to this type of campaign.


The 30-second television spot filmed for the campaign was shot on location and was able to create a substantial increase in the company’s market share. The quality and creativity of the spot enabled it to cut through the clutter and provided the desired increase in sales for Metro Lexus.

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