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We believe in truly accountable marketing. The old days of creating a pretty commercial with catchy slogans and cute logos and throwing it at the public with hopes of magic happening with no responsibility for the return on those marketing dollars is dead and buried. Anyone or any firm presenting such a proposal should be shown the door.


We adhere to and hold ourselves accountable to each and every dollar spent in marketing and advertising your product, service and persona. We come from a place of being business owners first, knowing that each marketing dollar spent must return a robust value added. Each of our campaigns, whether branding, sales oriented or institutional, have that as its main objective. We know that true magic happens when we merge the creative message with scintillating production, aggressive media buying and timely public relations, coupled with unique promotions. We are firm believers in asking for and accepting nothing less than that from our media partners and public relations resources.


That is the Razor Limited guarantee.

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