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Razor Marketing is a leading provider of Internet-focused information technology solutions for the global marketplace. Our pace-setting trend, best-in-class technology, and worldwide corps of systems and services partners make us uniquely positioned to unleash the infinite possibilities of the Internet to help our customers succeed. Razor Marketing is dedicated to helping your organization eliminate dependency on technology creators, and shift the dependency on technology users.


Case Study







CLIENT: LeCharles Bentley

PRODUCT: O-Line Academy



  • The O-Line Academy became the premier clinic and camp of its kind. It is the only camp and clinic that takes a comprehensive approach to developing offensive linemen.

  • Has coached and mentored numerous NCAA Division 1 recruits and starters with some of his athletes to play in the NFL in the next few years.

  • Not only does The O-Line Academy focus on helping athletes become the best they can be on the field, but they offer an education program for high school athletes to prepare themselves to play at the next level by educating them on NCAA eligibility requirements and creating success in the classroom. The goal is to teach the high school athletes how to balance their talents on the field with talents in the classroom.



The challenge was to create the entire marketing plan and materials to advertise The O-Line Academy. The O-Line Academy is a clinic and camp founded by LeCharles Bentley, Two-Time Pro Bowl offensive lineman. He is one of seven in NFL history to earn Pro-Bowl recognition in more than one position. Bentley is also a former OSU Buckeye and offensive lineman for the New Orleans Saints. He currently is a commentator both on radio and television. The goal of Razor was to create an online presence as well as an offline presence to promote this one of a kind clinic.



Razor was contacted by Mr. Bentley due to C.Peter Cimoroni’s background in sports and athletics.

Razor devised a plan that would reach out through an online campaign to Cleveland area high school football coaches as well as coaches in the Mid-west.


Razor created and designed the logo, t-shirts, promotional material and the website for The O-Line Academy. Razor even launched the grand opening, via online.

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