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How We Started


The Razor Marketing Company began as the in-house agency (for a marvelous little product called Coughpops). We took that product from an idea to a nationally distributed minor miracle, competing against such monsters as Ludens, Dimetapp, and Halls. With an advertising and marketing budget of twenty percent of our main competitors, we garnered a fifty percent market share the first year and remain at that level well into our fourth season.


Because of the success on a national level we were able to achieve through the marketing of Coughpops, we felt it imperative to share the philosophy with businesses that were born and bred in our hometown of Cleveland, Ohio. We took this philosophy to a number of our business associates and friends, and have been able to dynamically affect their business growth, profitability image and corporate culture.

We are now poised to take this marketing philosophy to a regional and national level assisting mid-sized companies in their efforts to expand market share, brand image and their public relations efforts.


We look forward to being of service to you in the future.

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