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Business Development


Business development is the truest and most intimate form of marketing. We will act as your business in conclusion to the decision maker, shepherding the process if needed, to the completion of the sale. We will also, in the process, assist you in the continuation of that relationship as long as you deem appropriate and necessary.

Here is our process: 

  • Open the door to accounts you perceive as valuable new clients and contracts. Introduction will be at the decision making level, either CEO, Partner or CFO, in a face-to-face appointment.

  • Create a relationship that is colleague built, stressing social first, trust next and conducting a successful business transaction to its conclusion.

  • Find the pain, whether perceived or real, and discern what they need.

  • Continue the relationship with follow-ups that are both social and business in nature. Personal calls, letters, gifts and events when appropriate will cement this activity. The eventual effect will be a confidant relationship that will be very difficult to sever.

  • Ask for referrals and suggest other product opportunities within the client’s scope and needs.

  • The essence of this philosophy is:

  1. ​​Solve the Problem

  2. Add Value

  3. Network exchanging information, ideas and contacts

  4. Build relationships

  5. Build referral and cross selling opportunities

  6. Post-Mortem - if we do not get the account, find out why so that we can improve our process and be more effective next time around.


Case Study








CLIENT: Aaron Grossman

PRODUCT: Alliance Staffing Solutions



  • Alliance Staffing Solutions was put in front of 12 of the top 50 CEOs and Executives in Northeast Ohio

  • The past 3 years, Alliance has made the Weatherhead 100, Northeast Ohio’s fastest growing companies

  • The past 2 years, Alliance has made the Northcoast 99 list, Northeast Ohio’s great places for talent


CHALLENGE:The challenge for Razor was to assist in the development of CEO Aaron Grossman’s company, through devising a plan to brand and market the services Alliance Staffing Solutions has to offer.

SOLUTION:C. Peter Cimoroni has been a mentor to CEO Aaron Grossman, both on a personal and professional level.Grossman was never able to able to put himself or his company in front for top CEOs and executives. Razor helped arrange meetings with CEOs of the public and private sectors in the Cleveland Area, as well as media outlets, civic leader.Razor also assisted in the branding and marketing of Alliance Staffing Solutions creating the logo, website, and promotional materials. All of these resources led to the success and growth of Alliance Staffing Solutions.

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